Stop wasting time. Start earning money.

So let me ask you right now… How of you believe that it’s difficult to make money online? And the second question.. how long ago did you purchase something from the internet? – Yes, Uber eats is an online purchase!

Did you know that you are actually amazing at making money on the internet… it just happens to be for someone else! Every time you purchase something from the internet you are making someone else money.

It’s time to stop wasting time and start learning how to leverage the internet. There are thousands of people out there just trying to keep their heads above water. My clients are actually thriving in the current environment. If you only read one line, then please read this:

It’s even easier today, than it was yesterday to make money from the internet.

By not getting involved and by not learning the skills about harnessing the internet to make money then you are missing out on an incredible opportunity.

Step 1: Find a niche

This sounds really basic, but don’t choose a niche that you’re somewhat interested in. It should be something that you are passionate about that you could see yourself doing for the next 5 years.

Is it something you enjoy doing in your free time? It’s also important to think about in which you have skills or experience in. What special knowledge have you developed in that area over the years?

This should spark some ideas and give you a great place to start. 

Step 2: Find people with the same problems

Your skills, experience and specialist knowledge in your chosen niche are the tools you need for success.

Make a list of all the reasons why your product is great, or perhaps its advantage over similar ones. In the next column, create a problem that particular solution will fix. For example:

Problem Solution
Do you often find that your soap leaves your skin feeling dry? My body scrub makes my skin feeling radiant and moisturised.

Social media channels are a great place to look for groups of people that share the same problems. In this case, you could target Facebook groups that have problems with their skin.

Step 3: Creating a landing page and filter people into your database

A squeeze page is literally exactly that. It ‘squeezes’ people down your sales funnel and converting them into a lead or customer. We know these people are interested in your product otherwise they wouldn’t have visited your landing page to see what it’s about.

The aim is to get everyone onto your email database.

Signing up to receive emails from you is a great first step in the relationship. Always send good quality content related to your niche with the problems and solutions. Reinforce that you are the specialist in your field.

Step 4: Automation of making money from all of this

Each email is a new opportunity to build a relationship. You’re in control of the steps taken to inform your database. Email marketing has proven to be the most reliable tactic to influence leads at every stage of the buyers journey. Automating the process allows subscribers to enter and move through the process without the need for you to spend valuable time sending and replying to individual emails.  

With the right technology you can write various email sequences in advance. Understanding the problems your niche has will allow easy communication. With the right automation platform, segment your subscribers based on the landing page they visited.

Want to learn more? You can pre-register for our next ClickSeminars.LIVE in October 2020 and start learning!


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