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Alan Forrest-Smith

Stock Market & Forex Investor

I was also a hairdresser for well over 20-years and started as a hired copywriter around the year 1996 whilst I was still cutting hair and working at least 60 hours a week.

I wrote my first copy – a simple flyer – for my first business in 1985 although I wrote my first posters for my punk band in the late 70s.

By the year 1989, I opened my first high street business and had to create marketing for that business. One salon became three. Over that period I write and sent out literally hundreds of thousands of direct mail pieces, hundreds of thousands of flyers, vouchers and notices and some long-running newspaper Ads that never changed for over 15-years due to their success.

Due to the mass of marketing, I was doing (with no training – not a single piece) I had started to get noticed by a local business. They asked me to create mailers and other strategies for them.

During this process, I sold over £1.2 million in cars for on client. Over £800,000 for a small cosmetic business and literally sold a warehouse full of UPVC windows for another. I also sold Chinese imported tea, Oil from Israel, stop smoking products, accounting software and jewellery and tree services. During this period I was still a hairdresser.

By the year 2000 the demand for my services was so high I decided to sell my salons and make a career move. This led to enquiries flooding in from the likes of Jay Abraham and just about every other famous marketer (and copywriter) you can name.

I became great friends with them all being invited to wine and dine in different locations all over the world whilst getting paid incredible amounts to write for these clients. Earning an amount of £1,500 an hour was and still is not unusual for me as a copywriter. I once even jumped on a plane to head to a huge party/BBQ in Dallas where I ate and rank with the likes of John Carlton, Yanik Silver and literally a ton of other marketing greats. I wish I still had my one and only photo to share with you.

From £7 to £1500 per hour.

The Cash Rich Copywriter Advanced Formula

Alan Forrest Smith used to be a hairdresser and salon owner.

One day a client came to his shop. That client asked Alan who was writing his adverts and letters. Alan explained as he was cutting his hair it was himself. The client then asked if he could write a letter for his business. Alan agreed.

One week later Alan had created that letter during a 60minute break in clients. The man called and picked up his copy.

At this time Alan had been earning just £7 per hour. The man handed Alan an envelope. Inside that envelope for one hour of work in 1996 was £1,500.

Since then Alan has created, generated and built business going into the tens of millions of pounds in sales and turnover.

His advice has saved and transformed businesses. His words have created windfalls, profits and cash days that anyone would die for.

From £7 to £1500 per hour.

The Cash Rich Copywriter Advanced Formula

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